Fresh new looks for your Longaberger®baskets

Basket Liners for You


Hello and warm greetings from the heartland. 


Basket Liners for You specializes in making liners for retired Longaberger baskets and liners out of fabrics that are not available commercially so you can have one-of-a-kind liners.


My enthusiasm for Longaberger baskets started many years ago during a bus trip to "Longaberger Land" and Dresden.  Basket collectors are lots of fun and the "Longaberger basket buying disease" is incurable!


I bought a couple of liner patterns during the trip and decided that I could draft patterns that would fit better.  There was a limit to the number of liners needed for my baskets (much fewer in number in those days), so I put a basket liner on EBay for fun and then another.  They sold immediately, and people ordered more!


Why would a Dr. make basket liners on the side?  The rewards of being an educator are priceless. However, the salary is limited.  Creating basket liners help me and my children have some extras that an educator's salary does not provide.


I am grateful for customers from all 50 states.  I've sent holiday liners to the North Pole (Alaska) and Bethlehem (PA), for example.


Our customers are the best - and very generous with kind words about my basket liners. 


If I can brighten your day and your home, it would be my pleasure to design basket liners for you.


Dr. Cindy Crawford (the liner designer, NOT the model)